Experiential Topography EP

by Futexture

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Futexture invites the listener to experience this album in the way it was crafted; to join him in an expressive experiential experiment:

"Each of the four main tracks and its corresponding piece of visual art was created through a specific combination of ritualized meditative experiences enacted daily during the creation process. This process was guided by various elements of the natural world.

Each piece was created during a different phase of the moon during January 2013, aligned with a different cardinal direction, member of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdom, with a different element, and time of day.

Writing these tracks was an exercise in connecting and aligning with organic archetypes rooted deeply in both our physical world and intuitive mythology. By consciously interacting with these specific patterns of resonance both as symbols and physical experiences constantly during the writing process, the music and art is now inherently inseparable from them.

Sticking to a daily ritualized routine of meditation with these elements was no easier than starting any other habit cold turkey, but the personal and artistic growth that came out of this was invaluable. I hope you too find value in the experience this map provides.

All music and art is shaped to an extent by the experience of the artist. This is an experiment in directly transmuting a defined set of experiential parameters into art among multiple mediums and artists.

You are also part of this experiment. Perhaps the biggest part.

To learn how you can participate and fully experience these tracks, please go to www.experientialtopography.com and click "About This Project"

Understanding the experiences of others as if they were our own allows us to contextualize our own experiences and develop greater compassion collectively." - Futexture


released March 20, 2013

Copyright 2013 Futexture
All Rights Reserved

All Tracks Written, Recorded, and Mixed by David Krantz
Lyrics on Invocation (Featuring Amagine) by Anand Petigara
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities

Released Through Critical Beats March 20th, 2012

Cover Art and Design Elements by Sean Blake
Individual Track Art by Austin Guarisco, Josh Spiceland, Stephen Wells, and Dog Nox of the Harlequinade

Special thanks to Eric Bisgyer for letting me use his gear, Evan Bluetech for inspiring me years ago to start writing electronic music, and Roberta Anderson for having more patience than I ever knew existed in the entirety of this universe



all rights reserved


Critical Beats for the Climate San Francisco

Interweaving the voice of the Amazon with the current musical inspirations from artists around the world in a united effort to preserve our most critical environmental resources.

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Track Name: Invocation (Feat. Amagine)
Gently close your eyes and turn your gaze inward and up,
Slowly inhale, briefly pausing at the top of the breath,
Release, breathing steadily in exhalalation.
Truth…fills…this…core with –

Deafening silence, remember time as an assembled alignment of awakened Sentience – Reflections in this Sacred Science.
The centered alliance in these embers firing from centuries of time’s past –
To accept these sentiments the Present presents for the mind to grasp;
Redesign the maps with
Telemetry’s guidance of memories enlivened;
As the dreamer seeks the sequencing of reason’s peace, pieced at the zenith’s peak =

Collect the scenes you’ve seen,
What’s perceived between the seams of these meta-memes is indeed the collective dreams of our respective beings.
Hearts alive & beating the groove, the starlight bleeding through the archetypes we transmute consciously.
Elucidate honestly to recharge the meaning conceived and found in We.
Bound into this:
Deafening silence.
Open it.
Time’s dilation defying stasis, chasing moods, moving in tune with the moon’s phases,
Encased in this ever-changing moment
Chosen for the focused annihilation of You, to mend
Alone -
Invoking revived patience, evoking a Truth to cleanse,
Engage and compose this intuitive viewing lens
Honed to expose these growing hopes you’re solely holding in your lone two hands,
Together forging into the unknown,
To grow new roots again.